Schedule of NSP Events and Skills/Equipment Needed Print
Written by Scott M. Jones   
Sunday, 24 February 2008 11:27

Sunday Zzz Skate: Meets at the 10th Street entrance by Charles Allen Dr. at 11:45 a.m. and departs at 12:00 noon. APRR led and minimal urban skating skills, good braking control for going down hills. This is a beginner street skate going less that 10 mph. It makes a coffee and snack stop and is a low key social skate. The goal is to get used to the unique situations of street skating. The skate takes about 2-2.5 hours and finishing up in the Park. Stay and meet other skaters that meet up in the Park and play.  Note: Cancelled if wet or temps under 40F (4C).


  • Skates, with heel brake
  • Helmet (ANSII, ATSM, SNELL approved)
  • Wrist Guard
  • Photo ID


  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Emergency and insurance information

Monday Night Skates
Meets at the Carter Center North Parking Lot with the rest of APRR at 8:00 and leaving the lot at 8:30. This skate also proceeds at less than 10mph.
Requirements: The same as the Sunday Zzz skate with the addition of lights or reflective gear.

Tuesday Night Skate.
The next step above the MNS. Meeting at the Carter Center North Parking Lot and leaving at 7:00. This skate proceeds at a faster pace and is not for the beginner street skater. Average speed is above 12 mph.
Requirements: Same as MNS

No NSP on Wednesday night, sorry but we need a night to play too. Once you are comfortable on the MNS and TNS you are able to hit the streets with the rest of the club and join in the fun of urban skating.

NSP event cancellations will be announced via the APRR list server. Reasons for cancellation would be:

  • Wet or raining
  • Temperature feeling like under 40F in the 30324 area code.
  • Location unavailable
  • And the Athens to Atlanta weekend (but feel free to be a volunteer to the A2A committee)
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