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Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollers Skate Club

Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollers Skate Club

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Latest News
This is our old, original web site design, preserved and now frozen in time. We are maintaining this site at www.aprr.org/old, but it will likely not be updated any more. Please visit our newly redesigned web site at www.aprr.org.

New skaters, please see the Atlanta Skate Patrol page.

Who We Are

The Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollers Skate Club promotes skating in the Atlanta area and supports skating in the local community through lobbying efforts and public events. The club advocates safe skating by holding free clinics on skating techniques, working with merchants who offer safety gear, and providing the Atlanta chapter of the National Skate Patrol in area parks and on local trails.

The Peachtree RoadRollers hold weekly scheduled group skates throughout the year, help staff charity/volunteer special events, such as skate races, and organize club activities, including trail and distance skates, trips to other cities, and more.

Contact Information

Club President: Henry Zuver, zhenry@aprr.org
Skate Patrol Director: Ken Lowry, kennyjsk8s@aprr.org
Webmaster: Scott M. Jones, scott@aprr.org

Contact us by phone at: +1 404-806-7251

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